piano in sea cropOrigin Productions provides the following audio services:

  • Composition , Writing & Arranging  –  Soundtracks to Song Writing
  • Sound Design  –  Post / Foley / Idents
  • Mixing & Post Production  –  Final Sound Mix / Dubbing / Editing
  • Location Recording  –  Film / Video / TV
  • Consultancy  –  Sourcing / Branding / Concepts

A brief history:

Origin Productions works and collaborates with many clients on commercial audio projects.  These have included Sound Design for the Opening Sequence of Madonna’s ‘Sticky and Sweet’ world tour, film soundtracks like Hussien Chalayan’s ‘Absent Presence’ ft Tilda Swinton and have scored / composed music for the BBC / ITV. We have provided soundtracks and sound design for advertising campaigns for Mastercard, MTV and MaCann Erikson. Origin Productions has collaborated with many film, design and production agencies all over the world. and as part of our portfolio of commissions we have also produced audio consultancy and solutions for the corporate sector including Capital One Bank & EE, the Fashion sector for Vivienne Westwood, Top Shop and Firetrap,  for Tech clients such as Autodesk and AMD and for the music business for Warner Bros, Universal and Sony.